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  • Anna Finch

Adventurous, Story-Telling Marketer

This is us.

We are a small team with big, big plans. An established HR coaching business based on the South Coast of NSW, we have been partnering with Mezzanine, our much loved, regionally based conscious brand growth agency, to create the plan to launch and build a nationally recognised brand that will be a catalyst of positive change for regional employment in Australia.

This never seen before approach is set to elevate regional businesses and change the perception of career building in regional areas, from the inside-out.

Finding an adventurous, story-telling marketer to join our team and work with us to deliver this plan is the next big step on our journey.

We are explorers.

We are an entrepreneurial, adventurous, purpose driven team. Our superpower is our courage to think, create and deliver in such a way that is brave and contrary to that which has existed before us. We are building a team of collaborators who view thinking for oneself as an essential recipe of success. A team who thrives on being thrown into the deep end to experience something new, driven by the thirst and need to grow, learn and experience and then pass on these new learnings through education, storytelling and teaching.

Whilst our HR coaching business is strongly established and engrained in our local community, our new brand is essentially a start-up. We understand that some might stop reading at this point.

For those who keep reading, welcome. It’s your courage to partner with us on this journey that we admire.

This is you.

We are not marketers. That’s why we need you. We need an all-rounder, a marketer with diversity of experience across many facets.

From website design and management to content creation, our brand needs the performance of impactful digital campaigns. We are searching for skills and experience in database management and the delivery of purposeful EDM’s to drive customer acquisition. Working collaboratively with our regional stakeholders, relationship nurturing and account management is key. Managing marketing spend through campaign analysis and strategic thinking we are seeking a skilled marketer with the ability to think big and execute hands on.

A career is not a commodity or product to be sold. It is a life experience that has a profound impact on all of us. The marketing professional we are seeking will have the education, experience and self-awareness to know this.

Non-conventional work environment.

We offer a supportive, fun-loving, vision driven, passionate environment. We work from our soon to be renovated, retro 1960's team office based in the heart of Nowra, and whilst we can also work from our home offices, we cherish the opportunity of working together in person, bouncing ideas and suggestions back and forth and collaborating on how we can best serve and support our community.

Investing in our wellbeing is a foundation for success. Our full-time working week is no more than 35 hours, and for those who prefer less, we are always open to encouraging this balance.

Our vision is no joke.

We envisage a world where regional career opportunities are as well known, understood and attractive as metro career opportunities. We exist to smash the perception that, ‘you can’t build a career in a regional town”. We’re here to support the fulfillment of lives for all regionally based Australians. We’re here to stimulate human, business and economic growth in regional Australia by doing something no other team has done before.

Apply only if you truly align.

We do not take our vision lightly; therefore, we expect the same of candidates who choose to apply.

We ask that only applicants who can show us that they’ve taken the time to digest this advert, consider their alignment to our business, vision and team environment, and then put forward a truly unique application, apply.

We can guarantee you, that if you auto send your resume with a generic cover letter, you are not the fit fight for our team. We know we are setting expectations high.

So, is this you?

If so, we are very excited to meet you 😊

Please send your application to Anna at

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