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Not your everyday reception and social media marketing opportunity

What does it mean to work for a purpose-led business?
What does it mean to be part of a culture with strong values?

Tangibly, it means that the everyday actions, the words, the decisions of the business owners, the leaders, and the team align with the reason the business exists, its purpose, its vision, and its values. In a world where businesses have historically been bottom line financially driven only, this is quite the shift. But we are human. As humans, we have an intrinsic need to emotionally connect with the work we do and with the people we work with; this is why we must lead with purpose.

The opportunity of modern-day business is to find the balance. The balance between meeting the needs of the humans within it whilst running a financially sound business ensures not only its sustainability but its ability to be truly purpose-led.

In 2022, the owners of Berry and Shell Cove veterinary practices started a profound journey to change the operations of their clinics, both based on the South Coast of NSW. Feeling the very real burnout of an industry that has traditionally been bottom line, financially driven only, in order to stay in business, they had to do something different.

Starting with crafting their ideal future, they have been actively changing their business and operations to work towards this future. Have they achieved this yet? No, it’s only been fifteen months, and change takes time. As every day passes, more decisions, actions, and behaviours align with their core purpose, and the stronger the business and the team within it becomes.

What future are Bryden and Sarah, the owners of these veterinary clinics, working towards? They are driven by creating a working environment that supports their team members to honour their individual, family and career aspirations whilst working in harmony together as a team, and where the fulfilment of this empowers their team to be the good stewards of the relationship and responsibility of care, they have to their clients and their animals. An environment where each and every day, their team lives and breathes their shared core values of family, wellness and consciousness.

You will note that whilst this is a ‘job advertisement’, we have not yet mentioned the ‘job tasks’, the ‘key responsibilities’, or listed the ‘must haves’ - Why is this?

Whilst having the right skill set is important to recruiting their next team member, finding a human who wholeheartedly aligns with their purpose, their vision and their values must be first and foremost. To build a purpose-led business, every team member within the business must align.

Now that we’ve shared their purpose and their reason for being in business, we can now share the skills they are seeking. This newly created position combines front reception and social media marketing for their two clinics. To this extent, the experience they are seeking is outlined as follows:

  • The ability to manage a busy reception and phone line in conjunction with providing exceptional customer service.

  • Experience in appointment scheduling in an environment with a strong tendency to change quickly.

  • Calmness in fast-paced, emotionally charged situations.

  • Experience in building and engaging a business’s online social media presence.

  • Skills in everyday online content creation, both visual and written.

  • In addition to this, they are seeking a human who aligns with the team, including;

  • The ability to be open-minded about doing things differently.

  • A level of self-awareness with the willingness and want to keep growing.

  • Honesty, integrity, and humility are entrenched in their behaviours and actions.

  • And, of course, a love for animals.

You may come from the industry and feel the burnout, hence looking for a new start, or you may be coming from a similar environment with a desire to transition into veterinary care.

Either way, if you have the skills they seek, we ask you first to consider if you align before applying.

For those who read this and feel drawn to Berry and Shell Cove’s purpose, vision, and values, please share with us in your cover letter why you feel this alignment. We will then look at your skills in your resume.

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity or other vet careers, please call Natalie Atkin from KardiaHR on 02 4408 3509.

If you’d like to apply, please send your cover letter and resume to

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