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Client Resources

The following White Papers are available to access upon request:


  • Management in the Spotlight

  • Succession Planning

  • Retention Debate

  • Women in Mirco Business Case Study

  • Accelerating Performance Through Client Engagement

  • Managing Back to Certainty

  • Setting the Human Resource Framework Standard

  • Ageing Workforce Impact – Implications and Trends for 2010 – 2020

  • Recognising Great Workplaces

  • Gen Y Impact on Strategy

  • Just 1 Job Initiative

  • Managing in Uncertain Times

  • The Business of the HR Crisis 

  • Retaining Employees

As a Member of HR Coach Australasia, Kardia.HR uses tools and methodologies developed from the extensive and ongoing research conducted by the HR Coach Research Institute.


The HR Coach Research Institute is an innovation think tank dedicated to researching and understanding human resources and business trends that impact on the agility of human resource practice for the sustainability of strategy and its implementation. The Institute brings together senior executives, advisors, human resource professionals, specialist interest groups and expert matter specialists to make a difference to our understanding and application of knowledge for organisations now and in the future.


In addition to the tools, methodologies and nationally recognised standards developed from this research, the Institute produces insightful and practical white papers designed to educate organisations on how to align activity with strategy.

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