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Our team is growing

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

This is us.

We are a small team with big, big plans. An established HR coaching business based on the South Coast of NSW, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop and prepare to launch a brand-new initiative, never seen before, one which will help tackle the employment challenges currently faced in regional Australia and support our local businesses to reach their fullest potential.

Building our team.

In preparation for this launch we are reaching out to the market to find “our administration glue”, a new assistant to our team who will be our operational guru and administrative know-all. A switched on, driven team supporter who will think and plan five steps ahead of our day to day. A collaborator who will confidentially liaise and engage with our community partners, ensuring our brand and reputation continues to grow from strength to strength. A team assistant who will take the time to understand how we each like to work, so that they may provide the right amount of administrative support to ensure we can each flourish in our responsibilities.

Our dream team supporter.

We are picturing our team supporter will be a skilled administrator with broad business administration experience including (but certainly not limited to) diary and email management, client liaising, team task management, data entry and basic bookkeeping with strong IT software skills and knowledge.

They will be self-aware and thrive on being thrown into the deep end to experience something new. We are a team with a naturally entrepreneurial spirit, our new team supporter must therefore be driven by the need to grow, learn and experience. They will be self-sufficient and tackle any task with the ability to see the bigger picture, to truly ‘see the forest’ for the trees.

Non-conventional work environment.

We offer a supportive, fun-loving, purpose driven, passionate environment. We work from our homily team office based in the heart of Nowra, and whilst we also work from our family homes when we need to, we cherish the opportunity of working together in person, bouncing ideas and suggestions back and forth and collaborating on how we can best serve and support our community.

Our vision is no joke.

We envisage a world where regional career opportunities are as well known, understood and attractive as metro career opportunities. We exist to smash the perception that, ‘you can’t build a career in a regional town”. We’re here to support the fulfillment of lives for all regionally based Australians. We’re here to stimulate human, business and economic growth in regional Australia by doing something no other team has done before.

Apply only if you truly align.

We do not take our vision lightly; therefore, we expect the same of candidates who choose to apply.

We ask that only applicants who can show us that they’ve taken the time to digest this advert, consider their alignment to our vision and team environment, and then put forward a truly unique application, apply.

We can guarantee you, that if you hit apply and auto send your resume with a generic cover letter, you are not the fit fight for our team. We know we are setting expectations high.

So, is this you?

If so, we are very excited to meet you 😊

Send your application to Anna at

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