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  • Natalie Atkin

New Employment Opportunities - A Positive Side Effect of Covid-19

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Corona Virus has turned the world into a place we hardly recognise, the highly contagious and deadly virus is crippling on so many levels. While the actual destruction this virus will cause is still unknown, the economy killer has been creating waves in employment, drowning retail, hospitality, travel, leaving them struggling to breathe. The wave has also lifted some industries, meaning that there are businesses that have an increased need for employees and are looking to hire those who have been recently let go from their employment.

So where are the opportunities?

· Community Sector (Aged Care and Disability Services)

· Health/Mental Health

· Mining

· Government Agencies

· Food Manufacturing/Supply Chain

· Supermarket Chains

· Call Centres

· Pharmaceutical Services

Jobseekers are going to need to be proactive, we saw an opportunity at Service NSW over the weekend for an intake of 1000 new employees and applications are already closed due to overwhelming demand. Woolworths has announced the creation of 20,000 jobs. Coles have already hired thousands and have just created another 5000 positions. BHP has created 1500 jobs. Telstra and Optus are now on-shoring their call centers, which is expected to create 1500 jobs. There are jobs out there if you go looking. Companies are utilising social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Gumtree to get the word out. While many of these positions are short term, they are providing families with a much-needed income and may also lead to long term opportunities in the future.

No one knows what employment in Australia will look like on the other side of Covid-19, but with expected unemployment rates of 11% we can expect opportunities to be heavily contested and from applicants with a more diverse range of skills.

While it can be hard to see a positive light in these uncertain circumstances, Australia is resilient, and we will recover from this. We need to look after ourselves and each other during these difficult times, we are all feeling the pressure.

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